What Are the Best Features Handheld GPS Golf Units Offer?

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Golf is one of those sports that attracts gadgetry, and at quite an impressive pace. With this in mind, if you are in the market for handheld GPS golf units, you will not be disappointed.

There are a number of leading manufacturers focusing on the golf GPS market now, with each trying to outdo the other regards the number of features, design, style and practicality.

All are a variation on a theme of course, and fulfill their basic aim equally well in most cases. Some of the more interesting features to be found include tools which allow the golfer, (or hacker!), to be kept fully informed of their yardage at the push of the button. Such is the popularity of this item; it is fast becoming a fundamental.

Other features which the novice golfer will find invaluable include hazard alerts to aid better driving. Hazards alerted do not only include water and sand traps however, but often also cover trees and other foliage.

Other handheld GPS golf units also include features that warn of hidden hazards around the green, whilst others still give information on green gradients and wind speed and direction.

As the technology becomes more settled, certain add-ons are available too, such as tips on how to play the hole and secrets on lesser known fairway positions.

Most units come fully loaded with thousands of courses, whilst most allow you to download updates and new courses online or through Bluetooth at selected stores across the country.

For even easier access increasing numbers of cell phones are being used; with new applications being launched all the time. Whilst not as powerful as standalone units, they certainly fulfill the task admirably for the casual swinger.

Buying one of the handheld GPS golf units will not make you the Club Pro, but it will allow you to concentrate on the game more, which should see your score fall significantly.

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What Are the Best Features Handheld GPS Golf Units Offer?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29