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A Golf Trolley is an equipment which is used to carry all the items needed during the game. These items may include golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees etc. All these items are needed to be carried around with the player so that he has everything he need at hand. In this way he will not have to rush back to the club to get the things he requires. It is always advisable to carry all the items that you need with you during the game.
There are two basic types of Golf Trolley; manual trolley and electric trolley. Apart from these two there is also golf bag. Traditionally a golf bag was used by the player or any one assisting him during the game. He used to have all required items in it. Even today some of the golf players like to carry their own golf bag.

With the advancements in technology there came Golf Trolley. The basic reason of introducing a Golf Trolley was to relieve the player of the stress of carrying the heavy bag around and instead concentrate on his game. The manual golf trolley was designed in a way to be either pushed or pulled around the golf course during the game, carrying all the necessary items of the player. The manual Golf Trolley initially had two wheels. Then came the version of manual Golf Trolley with three wheels. The manual Golf Trolley is generally collapsible, so it is very easy to carry and store them.

The other type of the Golf Trolley is an electric Golf Trolley. An electric Golf Trolley is powered with an on board battery. This type of golf trolley has three wheels. There have been many advancements and variations in the electric golf trolley wit the passage of time. The latest of it is the remote control golf trolley. This can be mover around with the help of a remote control. This has made it a lot easier for the golf players to carry their stuff around. The most important thing to consider while buying an electric Golf Trolley is the life of its battery. The greater the life of the battery, the better it will be.

The golf trolleys are available in different materials. You can always select the one that you like.
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Various Golf Trolley

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This article was published on 2010/11/16