Ultimate golf chipping tips

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Also beginners will find these very helpful to boost their confidence in mastering the golf playing skill.Here are some few tips that could help you improve your chances of winning game with less number of hits to the hole.  Like anything else, practice makes perfect and proper golf chipping shots will take practice until it becomes something that you can do automatically, almost without even thinking about it.

Well, Choosing the right club and then how far to hit the ball with that club is half the battle when it comes to your golf chip shot.  Usually the club used will be aoriron.  If you are using a club between the -iron and the pitching wedge, you should adjust accordingly. The distance control will improve with the time you spent with practicing the chip shot

The next step is to put the club behind the ball and make it square to the target.  It all depends on you that how much effort you put in to get a perfect chip shot.  The position of the golf ball should not be too far back or too close, rather it should be at the proper position so that you can easily swing your club.Alignment - Proper alignment is a part of good set up.  

The only difference a chipping shot has with putting is that you should aim the feet and only the feet a little left of the target line.  When you're playing this chip with the ball below your feet, the ball is going to want to bounce and run right so you need to aim left (the opposite if you golf lefty).  But to make a golf ball go further when you're chipping, you have to make a bigger golf swing.  Therefore, it will roll further when it meets the ground.

I have seen a lot of golfers committing the same mistakes over and over again.  In most cases a chip shot means a short but fast shot.  But golf chipping around the green from a sidehill lie is a whole other ball game.  You must use your whole hand power but not wrist to chip the ball which means there should not be any bend at the wrist while hitting because the energy would not be sufficient to move the ball to a longer distance. Ultimate golf chipping tips

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Ultimate golf chipping tips

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Ultimate golf chipping tips

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This article was published on 2010/12/30