The Evolution of Lady Golf Fashion

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The late nineteenth century, golf has always been the sport which was played by the aristocrats of the top European and American, these ladies and gentlemen, who have received formal education, firmly believe that the noble needs to be wrapped in layers, so avant-garde things and serious golf clubs are often incompatible. In this context, the lady will have to play golf with the wide-brimmed hat and conservative dress to play, which has greatly limited to improve the technique. 


Then, when ordinary people are happily enjoying the visual impact brought by the miniskirt, some senior golf club has treated them as monsters, which rejected this youthful flavor. Some private clubs are on the women's clothing has strict rules, like some on; to prohibit any indecent things in their view appears in the noses.

As the golf game become more and more civilian, some of the new club started a new golf course for female players to relax, although these rules in different clubs are different, but most of the golf clubs permit wearing jeans (even if more senior or expensive), the other is defined as: as relaxed as possible for sports, shirt sleeves, a collar, dress pants, no belt. But now, these provisions are also being eleven broken.


"In fact, a woman on the clothing is very simple, as long as they clothes can show the feminine and charming " As Nancy. Hayley (a CEO of a global fashion company) installed on the understanding of female handball the ball, and now she has put all over the knee length skirt are packed into the storage room. 

Women's Golf Apparel change vividly: Skirt - Girls tight pants - mini skirts; style, the large, loose type, pleated type - baggy type - short type; length, long to the ankle - 19 inches to knee length - and now the thigh. Clearly, the length of skirt or pants is getting short, fabrics have become less and less.


Right now, some well-known international brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and other brands have launched a series of tight tops and short skirts. In contrast, some domestic sports brand launched the clothes appear conservative, the style of the shirt has always been loose, the manufactures mainly focus on the sleeveless, short sleeve, long or short sleeves, standing collar, pointed collar, or round neck, buttons or zippers, fabric, in addition, the cloth is mainly the knitting and cotton. The style of the skirts and trousers are mainly trousers, pant and divided skirts, shorts and skirts and so on.

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The Evolution of Lady Golf Fashion

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This article was published on 2010/10/27