Technical Golf Clothing Explained

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Maybe I'm showing my age but to me, the stereotypical golfer wears a tweed jacket with matching plus two's and diamond patterned knee socks, but even that image of golf clothes is from way before my time. Having growing up in the 1970's and 1980's, the golfers of the day were often seen wearing the classic golf jumper. This hideous garment sported the same diamond design as the aforementioned knee socks. Thankfully golf clothing has come a long way since those days and the designers are taking the clothing a golfer wears almost as seriously as the golf clubs they use.

For a professional player who will most likely 'swing' many times a day (no pun intended Tiger!), the quality of design and engineering in their golf clothes will make a difference. For example, consider how the upper body and arms move through a full swing when driving or teeing off; then consider how ones clothing could hinder that natural swing. If the sleeves around the shoulders are too tight then the extremities of each swing may be inhibited which would have an adverse affect on any golfers' ability. It is for reasons such as this that bespoke golf wear has the room, the stretch and the flexibility to allow the wearer to make a full and natural swing with no uncomfortable pulling or tugging around their arms and torso.

Practise makes perfect and any pro golfer worth their salt will play come wind, rain or shine. Unlike us part-time fair weather golfers who only play a round when the sun is shining, the pro golfer needs clothing which 'works' whatever the weather. Wet weather golf clothing needs to be breathable as well as waterproof whilst remaining as flexible and comfortable as the fair weather golf wear. Even a simple t-shirt designed for playing golf in needs to be able to 'wick' moisture away from the skin as playing golf in the midday sun can bring on a sweat.

Most amateur golfers will invest in a pair of golfing shoes soon after buying their golf clubs & bag. These are probably the single most important item of golf wear and having a firm foot hold when driving is essential, especially in wet weather. These same golfers will also have invested in probably the least expensive item of golf clothing, being the single golf glove which right handed players wear on the left hand and vice versa for left handed players. I'm unconvinced of the need for only one glove on the non dominant hand; however wearing bespoke golf clothes such as a t-shirt, jumper or raincoat specially designed with a golfers swing in mind makes perfect sense.


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Technical Golf Clothing Explained

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This article was published on 2011/08/10