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Stromberg Cool and Funky Golf Trousers

Golf trousers are not just created to look nice, they're also designed to help you play Improved golf too. Manufacturers use careful selected fabrics and tailoring To make sure that There is a certain amount of give Throughout the golf swing. That way you can make an unimpeded complete golf swing despite having snugly fitted golf trousers. One other fundamental characteristic is that the front and back pockets are deeper and meant to safely and securely keep your golf extras, scorecards and pencils, and so forth.

Stromberg Funky Golf Trousers are just about the most trendy golf trousers right now. They mix style, comfort and functionality at a reasonable cost and come in a wide range of trendy and cool styles. You'll not only meet the dress standards with a pair of Stromberg Funkies but you'll also look very attractive too.

Of course it's not simply about the looks, golf trousers must be comfy too, and the funky range excels in this department. Specially designed for golfers, you'll love all of the tiny details and finishings. The pockets are deep and both practical and secure. The v-hems are cut to permit the trouser to sit properly over your golf footwear and importantly the material blend offers the perfect level of give throughout the golf swing.

One of the reasons Stromberg Funky Golf Trousers are the most popular golf trouser on the market is the broad range of styles that are available. With nine unique styles in the collection to choose from there really is something there for every golfer. From the ever popular Quinta and Mijas designs to the tour look of the white Penina trousers, the funky collection offers very stylish designs at very affordable prices. Waist Sizes available: 30" up to 40". Leg lengths available: Short (29"), medium (31") and long (33").

If you'd like to find out more information on funky and cool trousers then visitStromberg Funky Golf Trousers.

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Stromberg Golf Trousers

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This article was published on 2010/08/17