Promotional Golf Umbrellas As Advertising

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A nice promotional golf umbrella can bring up your company's image. They are a quality item to give out at events. Whether at an actual golf tournament or as a prize at the end of a business deal they work. Of course you have nearly endless color options and there are various styles also. There are other things that go with golf too. You can get a cover to protect your golf bag from the rain and some umbrellas are wind resistant.

Prices are in the range of $25 to $60 for many golf umbrellas in quantities of 25 to 50 items. They are made from durable materials for long lasting message impact and visibility. These are special items, targeted for unique events like golf meetings or tournaments. They can help build corporate relationships outside of the ordinary office meeting place, and are affordable with wholesale pricing.

There is a serious amount of room on a golf umbrella. Generally the fabric segments are where you would have your stuff put. You can put virtually anything, such as product information or your logo. Color can be used to compliment your company information or specially designed to go with the tournament theme. Not just for giving away, these items are also sold. Another choice is whether you want wood or metal handle and if you like a hooked or straight handle.

How the umbrella is built offers several other options. You may want one that can be folded and tucked away. If you are worried about wind there are vented umbrellas. There are also the kind with handles that are telescoping. The heartier and handier the item is the longer it will be displayed in public and used. Spending money for a better product makes good advertising sense.

For appreciative recipients, have golf umbrellas to hand out at your next event. They are so durable and popular!

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Promotional Golf Umbrellas As Advertising

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This article was published on 2010/04/01