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11 departments of the State Council sent two steering group to Beijing in 10 provinces; it will study and formulate policies which regulate the development of golf course.


State Council composed of 11 departments of the two joint steering group has to include Beijing, including 10 provinces, cities, districts, supervisors of the golf course clean-up and remediation. For the recent public attention to the problem of illegal construction of golf courses, Law Enforcement and Supervision Ministry of Land and Secretary Li Jianqin said yesterday that the golf course with taylormade burner 2.0 irons will examine the development of standardized policies and measures.


Illegal construction of multiple golf courses


The Ministry notified eight illegal cases handled yesterday, which are implementation of the disciplinary rules and processing; it also announced five cases which supervise the handling of cases, the investigation results will be announced in due course.


The first half of this year, the national land and resources to the illegal situation is generally good, but illegal land west rebound significantly. Illegally occupy land in many areas of real estate development, illegal construction of golf courses, "house property", the industrial park.


Found together with the investigation


Li Jianqin introduced in 2004, the State Department issued a notice of suspension of the new golf course with ping g15 driver. In 2006, the golf course project was included in the prohibition of land the project. "But construction is still underway; one of the outstanding problems is that some parts of the 'Country Sports Park', 'leisure club', 'urban park' the name of illegal construction of golf courses. There are some local government authorities which violate the ban, approved the construction of golf course."


Lijian Qin said the recent State Council made a mess of illegal construction of golf courses to identify the situation, accountability instructions. Once the media found a golf course can be reflected to the Land Department. For projects under construction, discovered, investigated and dealt with.


Golf set up the stage singing real estate


In addition, the golf back to the news of the Olympic Games, but also stimulated the construction of the stadium where it impulse golf development. The specification of the golf course policy is still in place, the standard policy for g15 driver review has not yet introduced local governments and enterprises of luck, the first ticket on the bus.


According to the 2011 amateur golf championship organizing committee sources, the championship ambassador not only a good temperament, honest, exercise self-discipline, have good communication skills and public service capacity event, but also to judge their level of golf culture and athletic ability, should reflect the ambassador championship golf in a unique culture and spirit of the pursuit.


Championship selection is not rigidly adhere to the youth ambassador for beautiful young women, ages 16-28 years old in the sun health, love golf and have some golf experience of young men and women, are invited to participate Championship ambassador selection.


Championship Ambassador Award will be through three stages: after a fair, open and fair online voting and a one-month after comprehensive assessment, published on August 25, 30 finalists to participate on August 28 at the second stage 30 into 10 qualifying game, with outstanding performance in the promotion race players can enter the September 9 to 10 into three finals.


Culture and etiquette of golf training, golf skills training, and services become championship tournament ambassador selection committee which focus on the importance of training before the content.

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Multiple Golf Courses

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This article was published on 2011/07/15