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Misunderstanding: Golf is noble sport, consumption of a high incomparable, it is the exclusive sport of the rich because play golf needs having some good golf clubs and these clubs are expensive. but there is still some cheap clubs at the online golf store, such as the following good but cheap clubs at golfsales365.com.




Correct understanding: Golf consumption has dropped as early as the scope of ordinary people can afford, just try to understand it will know.


Golf in the developed world already is a very popular mass movement, the U.S. Japan and Korea have more than one tenth of the population of playing golf in China, the reason why people still think golf far away, and there are two factors mischief:


1. People in the brain the traditional concept


2. The golf industry's profits have been


Quick & Poor's today in the golf crowd of golf is defined as: annual income of 10 million or more, a car or a car's white-collar conditions.


These people can no pressure, relaxed golf life began.


Myth: Golf is only suitable for the elderly, exercise is very small, soothing leisure


Correct understanding of: golf, exercise considerable, requires considerable flexibility and skill, men and women can benefit.


Not to mention a 18-hole golf by playing to count, almost walking distance of 8-10 km, golf swing standing alone, is enough you sweat. Neophytes often around complaining: I did not expect look easy, really play two so tired; often upset veteran around: like to play golf early, and if the time to practice good body flexibility, will greatly benefit from his life; so young and old suitable for all ages.


Myth: golf is simple, boring, boring, just chasing a little ball at golfsales365.com, nothing challenging.


Correct understanding: Golf is both amusing and an adventure sport, is a frustration and joy of staggered, exciting aerobic games.


From the original definition, golf is the simplest sport, nothing more than "take the shot the ball into the hole." But in fact, golf is the world's development to the most complex and cumbersome exercise and of course the most difficult to learn, difficult to play the sport in the world's 10 most difficult sports in golf came in fourth. Grant land Rice once said that golf is 20% of machinery and skills, while 80% is philosophy, humor, romance, friendship, curse, melodrama and talk, the charm of golf is evident.


Do not misunderstand the game of golf, it is the best choice for you to have some better golf clubs for the game.

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Correct understanding: Golf is both amusing and an adventure sport, is a frustration and joy of staggered, exciting aerobic games.

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Misunderstanding On Golf

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This article was published on 2010/12/04