Maintaining Golf Carts

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Golf Cart is a vehicle designed for accommodating two golfers and the golf equipments around the golf course. Golf Carts are available in a variety of formats and travel at the sped of 15mph.  The price of the Golf Carts depends upon a number of factors. These factors include the equipment holding capacity, number of people it can carry at the time and energy options.

Golf Carts are of great investment to the golfers. The Golf Carts are usually modified to fit the requirements of the golf course. This includes windshield, cell phone chargers, lift kits, ball cleaners, upgraded motors and speed controllers to increase the speed and other features of the cart.

Golf carts can be powered by, gasoline, electricity and solar energy. Gasoline and gas powered golf carts work in similar manner. Electric powered batteries require 8-12 hours to charge completely. Recently, solar powered golf carts have been introduced which are environment friendly and the rechargeable solar panels are presented over the rooftops. Many golf carts have an additional button to press before starting the ignition. Electric powered golf carts do not produce sound of the running of the motors. Moreover, golf carts have only two gears, forward and reverse, which can be adjusted by changing the position of the lever.

Golf carts are very delicate machines are must be stored in shade. Scorching sunlight and heat tend to damage the delicate wiring and circuits of the golf carts. Well maintained golf carts run at their best, even after several years of the purchase. You must always wear protective gears, before cleaning the cart engine. The batteries of the golf carts must be properly charged and examined thoroughly, to ensure that there are no cracks on its surface. The battery caps must be sealed, securely. Use of any commercial cleaner must be avoided and the batteries must be cleaned by means of clean water. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly over batteries to prevent corrosion. The air in the tires must be checked and periodically must be replaced. Professional mechanics has adequate tools which assists you to properly maintain the golf cart.


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Maintaining Golf Carts

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This article was published on 2010/10/12