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The best golf training aids are those that help you commit the RIGHT golf swing movements to muscle memory and do not ingrain poor golf swing habits.  Given golf's complexity, the more simple the golf training aid the better.  The purpose of this article is not to recommend a particular golf training aid (there are way too many golf training aids to discuss and most simply do not work) but discuss the key categories of golf training aids you should consider and evaluate with help from your golf instructor.

The Grip: a proper golf swing begins with the grip.  Consider a golf training aid that helps you establish the proper grip while placing and aligning your right and left hand on the grip in the correct positions.

Golf Swing Alignment: You can have a perfect golf swing, but will always miss your target if not aligned properly. You can always use you golf clubs as alignment aids on the practice range, but there are a host of golf training aids such as "alignment sticks" on the market that are inexpensive and can be used for other purposes from checking your swing plane to guiding your putting stroke.

Impact: One of the best golf training aids you can invest in is what is known as an "impact bag."  There are many different manufacturers of impact bags, but they all serve the same purpose – to help ingrain the proper feel and ensure proper wrist position at impact.

Putting Alignment: A solid swing path and stroke will go a long way to reduce your putts per round.  Consider the various putting alignment golf training aids on the market that help ensure proper putting setup and stroke fundamentals.

Swing Synchronization – Ensuring that your torso, shoulders and arms move together in unison are a key aspect of a solid golf swing.  There are many golf training aids on the market that can help with this, but avoid the complicated ones.  Select a golf training aid the helps keep your elbows together and keeps your swing in sync through the golf swing.

Golf Swing Fundamentals: The last category of golf training aids is not a golf training aid per se, but golf instruction that reinforces your PGA teaching pro's lessons.  There are a host of "golf pocket guides" on the market that provide expert golf tips on proper golf shot setup and execution.  These guides are very handy on or off the course when your golf instructor is not around.  Be sure to get one that is credible, durable and easy to understand.

Along with regular practice and feedback from you teaching professional, these are really the major golf training aids you should consider to groove a solid golf swing and reinforce golf fundamentals.

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golf training aids, golf instructions, golf lessons, golf tips, golf help, golf training programs

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golf training aids, golf instructions, golf lessons, golf tips, golf help, golf training programs

This article was published on 2010/09/22