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Golf swing practice net, also known as golf practice nets try to play golf imported carefully sewn private network, import golf private network, with safety and environmental protection and the same type such as anti-aging properties, is ideal for people loving golf of taylormade r11 driver. Not subject to seasonal restrictions against the cage, simple maintenance, but you enjoy golf fashion movement. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, fitness, and indoor and outdoor entertainment space, a certain place is to improve the golf game and the fight against the cage ideal for beginners, is worthy of the ideal place to relax.


Living space in the era of increasingly narrow, more and more hotels, clubs, building owners are trying to come up to the roof space is relatively spacious and better achieve its space value, Jin Ershi swing practice provides network engineering projects, it found the perfect meeting point, to create a golf driving range in the atmosphere of the roof, not only beautify the original monotonous environment for the fun of golf in the roof Imagine, if you can with other measures, such as lounge and other recreation, but also provide good business value project.


Each golf friends, dream yourself into a hole in one prize winners, but also hard to spend time at the driving range to practice swing technique, but we have always felt a brief stay in the driving range time, even to practice with callaway diablo edge irons, and has always been the family received the phone, the customer's phone, a friend's phone, so you can finally squeeze the time to give up the practice a ball game, to push us can not afford to entertain these things, see friends, skills grew envious of you, you would like more than them, the success of your career in the golf course, unwilling to lag behind ah! You do not have time to squeeze entire driving range and depressed, the golf swing practice net was born, as long as you own the home for the installation of a swing practice net, you can always use your time to rest short practice a few shots, and can also be installed in the home entertainment together with his family; installed in the company's office or recreation room, free time to relax and learn from colleagues about skills is really a good idea to serve multiple ah!


In some areas of cold weather in winter tend to closure, if you have an indoor driving range driving range subsidiaries easy solution to this problem. In addition, the players often want to concentrate fully met, but the lack of time, or the weather is bad do not want to go out. With the swing facilities, your home is the driving range, above all easy to solve problems.


Jin Ershi help you in your backyard or a roof or unused space or build an artificial putting green, swing practice cage, so your whole family to enjoy in the fashion and health of the joy of golf with taylormade burner 2.0 irons.




Scientific design, easy to transport, easy disassembly for easy mobility

Try to play professional protective, high-end products, quality assurance

Facilitate daily indoor or outdoor portable, very easy installation and removal

Small footprint, low investment and for personal villas, senior community, 4S shops, golf shops, schools, and also for the senior club, hotel

In the home or office you do not need to go out, you can enjoy a very relaxing sport of golf fun

Golf practice room for the fence quite spacious and concentrate fully feel wonderful, very comfortable. copyright

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Golf Swing exercise Net

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This article was published on 2011/05/20