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Q: when the golf first televised? I heard that it was broadcast by the Golf Club funded, is it true?

A: In 1947, a local television station in St. Louis - KSD-TV television broadcast the U.S. Open. Lew Worsham was hit defeat by Sam Snead in this golf tournament. Until 1953, there was the first time to broadcast nationwide golf tournament.

In today's golf crazy world; more and more golfers want to buy good quality but discount golf clubs to make their scores higher. Do you know when the golf first televised?

It was the Tam O'Shanter World Championship which was held at the outside Chicago, and the ABC broadcast. Remember it, but Golf Club funded paid for this television broadcast. Donors is George S. May, he is an out-golf fans; he was very happy to spend money to broadcast golf. He began organized professional sports in the 1940s. Until 1953, he actually funded broadcast 4 games Golf Championships (Men's golf, women's golf and amateur game.)

In this article, I would like to talk something about golf first televised. If you want to know much more golf information or golf jokes, you may read this funny article - Top Six Golf Brands on the In 1953, he also provided $ 25,000 for the winner of the prize money, more than PGA Tour single-game total prize money at the time. He spent so much money on the golf tournament and television money, the promotion of the ABC television network broadcast a national first golf tournament.

That golf televised is exciting, colorful; it record lots of golf precious images. Lew Worsham became runner-up in this tournament, and Chandler Harper made a fantastic win at the 18th whole. His tee shot will be thrown Worsham 115 yards behind the green. He marked the ball with the green sand wedge, rolled the ball went ahead 45-foot hole on the right place - the success of this hole eagle to a victory over the champion to win it.


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Many people believe that it is the first national broadcast of golf tournament make golf became the American mainstream. Thank you for reading my article, you could read some other golf articles such as the Golf in Mysterious Brazil in my blog.

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Golf First Televised

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This article was published on 2010/11/19