Golf Cart Leasing- Review

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Is golf your favorite leisure pursuit and do you find golf carts very expensive? Although golf is one of the most sought after game, many ardent players find it to be an expensive hobby. One of the best solutions is to lease the golf cart. The benefits of golf cart leasing are innumerable as in the present scenario they are used vastly in many purposes other than simply playing golf.

Golf carts have become a requisite for social gatherings like festive parties, concerts, events conducted for charity organizations or business organizations. The price of it may range from $3000 to $15000 which is considerably very costly. It is available in mainly in two varieties in the market - electrically powered and gas powered carts.

Do you require them only for a certain period of time? Then you could opt for leasing. Buying them is viable for persons who would require them over and over again. There are several advantageous in leasing them as manufacturers leasing them would service and make the necessary maintenance on them and you could demand a new cart if the older is not working properly. Another advantage you could make avail by leasing that leasing is more economical when compared with purchasing it.

Are you a person who would prefer to purchase the golf cart after utilizing it? The best bargain for you would be to let it on a conditional basis. Conditional leasing offers the user to purchase it at the end of the lease. If you are not interested in such an option you could choose the other type of leasing - operating leasing. The manufacturers who lease golf carts provide carts through various programs like Fair Market Value Lease program in which the price and decision to purchase it is decided at the end of the lease while in the Fixed Purchase Lease Option it is decided at end of the lease. You could select for different payment through the various available programs like Grow-in Payment program where the initial payments would be small after some period of time the payments would increase. Looking for seasonal programs, then you may go for the Staggered Delivery program.

Require additional information? Simply browse through the Internet or you could just visit the Cart Leasing Inc., the prestigious and reliable firm from which you could purchase or lease golf carts.


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Golf Cart Leasing- Review

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This article was published on 2010/12/15