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According to experts of sports, celebrities based on time, safety, fitness and leisure effect etc.,their ten most favorite sports are: 1) Golf 2) Tennis 3) Swimming 4) Joggin5) riding 6) hunting 7) sports car 8) Fishing 9) Skiing 10) Billiards. We can see, golf is a lot of "big man" and the celebrities favorite sport.

U.S. Congressional stadium opened in 1921, thanks to the large number of celebrity support, they have a zeal among the oil barons golf Rockefeller, Carnegie, steel magnate, DuPont and the chemical magnate star Charlie Chaplin, four former U.S. President Taft, Wilson, Harding and Hoover are the founding members.

Britain is a monarchy, dynastic tradition continues today with the most prominent countries. Ancient king and royal family members do not have a non-golfer, golf courses around the world cast letters "Royal" also increased. In the current British royal family, playing the best golf is Prince Andrews, handicap 7. Widely loved by the world during his lifetime the late Diana, Princess Reserve golf course is also a frequent visitor.

Eisenhower was U.S. president in the wisest one of golf and often participate in the competition show their skills. The former five-star general in the presidency for 50 years on television and created a positive new era in golf the occasion, coupled with the then world number one A. Parma is not only the wind the ball well, looks Ye Hao, thus establishing a good image of golf. President Eisenhower personally, a high degree of influence from the president, with the impetus to the United States as the main PGA Tour golf. No wonder golf historians conclude that: Eisenhower a Parma-TV (television) is a combination of American golf iron triangle movement.

Eisenhower later presidents such as Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Clinton are high fans. Camp David is the exclusive U.S. presidential retreat, each president the first thing to go there to play golf. Present in the Presidential Palace and even the White House in the yard to build a piece of green grass putting green to prepare for the president at any time fixed it, I itchy adults.

U.S. President, whether the White House who now, or have retired, often as the general audience in the United States where many of PGA competition, the purpose is to go through to see them all "over the ball addiction." "President Cup" tournament held at the President who is not to be missed opportunity, because they themselves had been a president or president.

Former President Bill Clinton is the golf enthusiast, not only hit the ball well with discount golf equipment, and feelings of many celebrities and high altar and even scolded. Tiger Woods at Augusta in 1997 shocked the world to win the U.S. Masters champion, Bill Clinton and his use of mobile phone calls, congratulations to Tiger Woods to win. Clinton and the professional golf world number one "Jaws" G. Norman hobnobbing, he hit his leg in a cast for a while because the Norman Jia Zuoke accidentally falls from the knee on the steps of caused.

Former U.S. first lady passed away in 1995,  their possessions were sold at auction price of $ 34,500,000 in the world-famous auction house Sotheby's (Sotheby),a 1992 model BMW cars, as one of  her possession was sold $ 79,500, while the year President Kennedy's golf clubs are sold with $ 772,500. Golf buyers is not other but Arnold Schwarzenegger who married the niece of former John F. Kennedy, the world bodybuilder, big Hollywood star. After a celebrity can be seen celebrities, celebrity club pass forever.

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Celebrities' Golf Life

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