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Many amateur golfers long for great club fits, but waste many hours and lots of money with trial-and-error attempts at finding the best clubs for them.  Callaway Performance Centers (CPC) helps golfers avoid the aggravation and trouble of trying to find great clubs.  These high performance centers were created with the mission of evaluating swings to find custom club fitting for any skill level golfer.  Of course, amateurs are not the only players who utilize this innovative technology to examine their swing and customize their taylormade burner 2.0 irons fittings.  Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Annika Sorenstam are all professionals who have been known to visit Callaway Performance Centers.  By allowing players to swing Callaway's entire latest innovative club designs, players can get a great feel and fit for golfing equipment.  All in all, getting a customized club fitting by Callaway professionals allows golfers to have an advantage over those without professional club fittings.

The Callaway Performance Centers are designed to make each golfer feel comfortable and confident.  The experts who run the centers are highly trained golf professionals.  They understand the equipment, its features and its possibilities more than anyone else.  The experts are prepared to offer precision and customized fittings for golfers of all levels.  They work with beginning golfers to expert professional golfers, and everyone in between.  Each fitting session occurs indoors in an innovative and advanced fit bay.  The bay area uses the Callaway Performance Analysis System (CPAS) for the session, to allow the most accurate fitting to occur. In fact, the only thing the visitor needs to do is bring their golf swing!

The Callaway Performance Analysis System (CPAS) has many benefits.  Each system uses high speed cameras and sensors.  These allow the professional and the system to analyze all swing and club dynamics.  Recording is done accurately before, after and at the impact.  In addition, the sensors and cameras can pick up the ball flight and ball launch conditions, all at the same time.

The CPAS also is used to measure many types of data during the swing and fitting.  It can measure clubhead speed, ball speed, side angle, launch angle, backspin, clubhead path, sidespin and angle of attack.  Because it is an automatic system, its accuracy is unmatched. They can then use the hard data captured to make ideal recommendations to a golfer, without hesitation or bias.

Each Virtual Test Center (VTC) allows a player to see what the shot may have looked like in several locations and situations.  For example, a player may be able to see what their shot would have looked like on the 9th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links.  The experts are able to use the information to compare ball flight, trajectory and relative distance for the shot you take at the virtual center.  The system and the center's operations and procedures make it extremely efficient to get accurate results during the evaluation.

Most evaluations take about 45 minutes to complete, with both irons and woods tested.  Throughout the testing, high speed cameras capture all swing data needed.  Then the ball flight simulator shows your results on a big monitor.  The CPAS shows 3D images and shows how your swing is working.  It also recommends specific Callaway clubs based on the data it captures for your particular swing.  Because each center has the OptiFit Fitting System, visitors can test various golf drivers and ping g15 driver.  They can switch between different shaft and clubhead combos to get the best overall results.  The visitor then leaves the session with custom specifications so they can purchase new golf clubs with confidence.

According to golf experts all around the world, the Callaway Golf Performance Center is the most accurate place to get a golf club fitting.  Their advanced technology and innovative equipment allows for professional results and precise club recommendations.

Because the Callaway evaluation system uses four cameras and innovative software, they have the most thorough monitoring system in the golf market today.  The system can accurately show which club head and shaft combination can give the player the most distance, most accuracy and most consistency.  This information is purely individualized and based on the skills of the individual golfer.

While the Callaway Performance Center was initially designed for testing Callaway golf clubs and golf club fitting, it is also used for another purpose.  Many golfers use this accurate system to better understand their swing, to learn what they're doing wrong and how to improve their game.

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Callaway golf clubs performance

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This article was published on 2011/03/30