Advanced Golf Tips- Improve your Golf Shot

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Ever play a good round of golf only to be confused by a more advanced golf shot like hitting over or under a tree, playing out of pine needles or hitting off of hardpan?  If so, here are a few useful suggestions to set up correctly for these advanced shots which will inevitably crop up every so often during your round. All the golf tips are tested and lower your golf score when you hit advanced golf shot.

Advanced Golf Tip: Hitting Over a Tree

1. Choose a longer club (i.e., use a “6 iron” for a shot you would normally use a “7 iron” for).

2. Position your body so that that ball is farther ahead in your stance.

3. Slightly open your stance.

4. Open your clubface slightly.

5. Take normal swing.

Advanced Golf Tip: Hitting Under a Tree

1. Use lower lofted club (i.e., “5 iron”).

2. Place ball back in stance.

3. Place more weight on front foot.

4. Slightly close club face.

5. Take a ¾ backswing.

6. Keep left arm straight and hands in front of clubface on downswing.

Advanced Golf Tip: Hitting Out of Pine Needles

1. Brush away needles in area of stance (USGA rules allow this).

2. If ball is on top of pine needles, use lofted club, position ball forward in stance, use normal swing.

3. If ball is on ground, position ball back in stance and take sweeping downswing into ball.

4. Balance weight evenly across both feet.

Advanced Golf Tip: Hitting the Ball off of Hardpan

1. Position your body so that the golf ball is closer to left heel.  This facilitates “clipping” the ball off of hardpan without creating a divot.

2. Use more golf club than normal allowing for shorter backswing.

3. Hit down into the ball with a smooth, fluid swing while concentrating on solid ball contact.

Above given advanced golf tips will help you if all the suggestion you add in your daily practice routine because without regular practice you can not lower your golf score. Believe me only right suggestions and regular practice can do the magic.

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Advanced Golf Tips- Improve your Golf Shot

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Advanced Golf Tips- Improve your Golf Shot

This article was published on 2011/03/12